A picnic trip for those who love the nature and want to comtemplate the most beautiful waterfall in Nha Trang. Nothing is more pleasant than climbing the mountain along the spring sheer slope with pure water and different characteristics. Tourists will certainly have thrilling moments watching the foaming cascade tumbles down in a great tumult ,sending its mysterious sound far into the wilderness, the water vapour and humid exhalations from the wet rocks will make you shiver in amused complacency. In dry seasons, the source water runs down smoothly and the lake glitters without any ripples. The scenery is bathed in a more serene quiet and one seems to be lost into a fairyland. Especially, tourists can enjoy ostrich and crocodile dishes (Especially, grilled ostrich in bamboo pipe or crocodile meat roasted with chilli and lemongrass or snake-head fish grilled in silver aliminium paper).
One in two is your optional A place where you can completely swallow yourself to be a part of nature, swim and breath fresh air from surrounding jungles. Springs and waterfall add to the majesty of the mountains. You will leave feelings relaxed and refreshed by the sounds and glory of nature. Enjoy the scene of the countryside with green fields on which farmers are working with buffaloes and ploughs.

BaHo Stream

Ba Ho stream is 25 km from Nha Trang to the north. This is a stream originating from the top of Hon Son (over 660m), flowing between the two sides of the rocky mountains into the fields of Phu Huu hamlet, Ninh Ich village, Ninh Hoa district, then pours into Nha Phu swamp. The stream gets its name in its supper stream, on the way through the forests and mountains, it opens three times in width right in the mountains into three continuous lakes. With its beautiful landscapes, the stream has been in many people’s mouths and mind and bears many legends told by the local people.
With its beautiful landscapes, the stream has been in many people’s mouths and mind and bears many legends told by the local people. From Nha Trang, you can follow National Route 1A for 19 km, then 2 km of forest lane after turning left. Walking along the stream, you will soon reach the First Lake. The surface of the lake is about 150 m2, lying below a cascade 5-6m high. Around the lake are numerous rocks of all sizes and colors.Leaving the First Lake and continuing your way upstream, you will reach the Second Lake after making your way quite difficulty for 1,000m. Unlike he First Lake, the Second Lake is narrower and milder, but with more “fairy “features due to its quietness. The lake is formed by a big flat rock lying across the stream. The surface of the lake is always tranquil like a huge mirror left behind by the fairies. The Third Lake is only a few hundred meters from the Second Lake, but the way is covered with bushes and is a little challenging to visitors. The Third Lake is narrower than the two others but its bed is wider, lying at the foot of a small cascade beside a rock wall with many tree roots and rampant vegetation.

YangBay Waterfall

Located at Khanh Vinh district’s Khanh Phu commune in central Khanh Hoa province-based Nha Trang coastal city, Yang Bay waterfall is home to grandiose falls and dense forests attracting many tourists in recent years. On the height of 100m above sea level, YangBay fall lies in mountain ranges and dense primitive forests that it exists a cool climate around the year.
As come to Yangbay Waterfall, you can see some activities of farmers, ethnic minority people and crocodile farms, join yourself with nature, water, bird singing at the waterfall. After relaxing for a while, back to the 300 years- old country house, namely “ Menento Country Home” for packaged lunch box or having lunch there while experiencing the real country atmosphere with some special activities on the site.

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