Nha Trang is a relax city with a lot of beauty spots, especially the island such as: Mun island, Mot island, Tam island, Mieu island.

HON MUN island has a most attractive landscapes. Named Hon Mun because in the south east of the island, it has high-rise cliffs with dangerous wattles forming caves and grottoes, especially its stones are as black as ebony, which could rarely be found in other areas.
In the black-stone caves of Hon Mun, every year flocks of swallow migrate to the area and build their nests. Due to the island’s location adjacent to the hot sea-currents from the equator, suitable to the development conditions of corals and various types of tropical sea creatures, the sea bed of Hon Mun is home to an abundant and diverse group of marine species, an interesting and useful place for researchers, oceanographers and tourists to observe and explore more of the sea creatures’ life.. Like Bai Tru, the beach at Hon Mun does not have that kind of while fine-grained sand, and its formation and composition are much like the gravel beach at Tri Nguyen, the island of the Immortals, with layers of round-shaped pebbles and cobbles closely arranged by Nature’s hand.

HON TAM island, where you can relax on the beach or try out some water sports,accommodation such as: sun bathing, jetskiing, wind- surfing….., is located on Vinh Nguyen ward to the South of Nha Trang Bay. Tam island is well-known by the wild tropical forest, long beach and clear water. Around the rock rang thousand kinds of fish and colourful corals make you exciting and peaceful.
HON MIEU island is well known by the local people as it house the famous Tri Nguyen aquariums the most famous island . The aquariums are displayed in a concrete boat on 3 levels (fully air conditionned) and one can admire the multi color fishes of tropical waters. At the top of the “boat”, enjoy a nice scenic view on the surroundings fishermens villages. Souvenir shop and restaurant. It is a lake on the sea which people dam up with stone embankment. Hundreds of nice and precious marine creatures are bred in the lake, looking a real marine museum.
MONKEY islands with wild animals, Orchid spring, Hang Tien beach, coral reef are the places we will go sightseeing. Do not hesitate to make friends with hundreds of lovely monkeys on Hon Lao Island, and do not miss the funny animal show, play with elephants and ostriches.
HON TRE – In addition to the aim to make Vinpearl Land an ecological sea-island and entertainment resort, Vinpearl Land desires to become a center for organizing national and international events and art performances. For the last 3 years, Vinpearl Land has held many grand cultural events, especially national and international beauty contests. Vinpearl Land is therefore labeled as “the Island of Beauty”.
Being the largest island-sea tourism and entertainment resort in Vietnam, Vinpearl Land has developed a highly professional system of transport which has unique features as an identity sign of Vinpearl. It is these diversified and typical features that contribute to the 5-star brand of Vinpearl Land. Especially, one of the components of Vinpearl’s transport system – the Vinpearl Cable-car system – has become a new symbol for tourism of Nha Trang. And the good service of the means of conveyance always leaves a nice impression on tourists.

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